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    Junior Summer Camps

    Do your children spend most of their time on Facebook and playing video games? Don’t let the virtual world steal them away! Invest their time in a real fun packed world, learning and developing new friendships.

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    Adult Life Long Learning

    Regardless of age, skill, background, or education, Global Vision can create the opportunities for you.

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    Family Programs

    Do you get tired of spending the summer in hotels and malls? Why not spend more quality time with your children while still having the chance to develop new skills and make new friends?

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How We Help

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  • Learning Development

    Work with you to define your learning needs and requirements.

  • Educational Programs

    Match you with the right program or immersive experience abroad through our extensive educational partnerships worldwide.

  • Applications

    Help you to complete the application and supplies further details throughout the process.

  • Consultancy Services

    All our consultancy services are complimentary to guarantee the highest quality programs from the most professional and recognized schools worldwide.

  • Unforgettable Memories

    Options are more exciting and varied than ever before. Create memories and unforgettable learning experiences!

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